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Sign in the Restroom

Yes, it sounds like the title of a horror movie or even a really bad daytime soap opera, but in all seriousness there are several other signs in the restroom outside of just directive gender signs. There may be exit signs to direct patrons to the exit in case of an emergency. Baby changing station signs direct care givers to a safe place to change a baby's diaper. Handicap signs show patrons where the handicap stall is and there is even required health department signage reminding employees to wash their hands.

 Many signs may be inside the restroom reminding employees to wash their hands or patrons to flush the toilet after using. These signs are a gentle reminder of what is expected of them while they are using your facility.

3" x 9"
3" x 9"
3" x 9"

Exit signs can be very important in a public restroom. While it may seem silly that a room with only one door would need an exit sign. In the case of a power outage, the restroom might become the darkest room in the building and your patrons could become disoriented and confused. They may even begin and to panic and not no which direction to turn to exit the restroom. A simple luminescent exit sign or a lighted exit sign could prevent that.

Photoluminescent Sign
Illuminates in the dark
Photoluminescent Sign
Illuminates in the dark"
Exit Sign
with Lights

Many restrooms offer baby changing stations to help mothers and fathers have a safe and secure place to change their infants diapers. After all of that investment into the baby changing station, you want your patrons to know that you offer a baby changing station for their use. Just pointing out the baby changing station can bring in more patrons and even get repeat customers.

Baby Changing Sign
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